Lingvosoft PhraseBook 2008 English-Spanish

Lingvosoft PhraseBook 2008 English-Spanish 2.4.76

Handy bidirectional English-Spanish phrasebook

Now you can forget about the language barrier problems when traveling to a foreign country. Be sure that you understand and are understood in a variety of standard situations such as registering at a hotel, shopping, banking, etc. Just install the PhraseBook on your Pocket PC and enjoy prompt and professional assistance in translating and pronouncing frequently-used phrases.

Stop wasting your time trying to find a phrase or a word in your heavy paper phrasebook. Just start typing the word you want in your Pocket PC's input line and the PhraseBook will find any phrase for you in a second, accurately translate it and pronounce the translation in Spanish and in English.

Featuring the native-speaker voice, the PhraseBook is a great travel companion and an ideal tool for those, starting to learn a foreign language.

The application includes about 3000 frequently-used phrases, organized into 15 major categories, and it's extremely convenient for browsing. The search feature makes it even easier to find the phrase you want.

Situations covered include:

  • Everyday Conversation
  • Traveling
  • Local transport
  • Driving
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping
  • Post office
  • Telephone
  • Bank
  • Sightseeing
  • Health
  • Beauty salon
  • Sport
  • Housekeeper

Features of the program inlcude:
  • 3000 common phrases organized in 15 topics
  • Each phrase is pronounced in the voice of a native speaker
  • Quick search by first letters of key words
  • Special keyboard layout
  • Letter recognition function
  • All topics section shows all phrases in the phrasebook
  • Quick switch between topics
  • Intelligent interface
  • Adjustment of fonts

With the Lingvosoft PhraseBook in your pocket there will be no chance of misunderstanding!

Lingvosoft PhraseBook 2008 English-Spanish


Lingvosoft PhraseBook 2008 English-Spanish 2.4.76